Cattle loading ramp

Corner of Neale Road and Cornmarket Road

By Averil Staunton

Located on the junction with the Neale Road and Cornmarket Road, (title on 1833 historic map) travelling towards Cong, and just before the Bridge over the Bulkaun River, this ramp was used for loading cattle onto trucks after the Goods Railway Service closed.  

The ramp begins at ground level on the Neale Road and exits at a higher level to accommodate the height of a truck on the Cornmarket Road at right angles to the Neale Road. 

Preparation for transport

Before boarding the trucks the cattle were watered at the Bulkaun River just across the road where there was an opening in the wall with  access down to the river level.  The design of this loading ramp allowed easy counting of cattle for the collection of fees/taxes.  

The cut stone curved and capped walls makes this an attractive site. 

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