Rutherford big House, Kilmaine, Co. Mayo

Plans, sketch drawings and map

By Elizabeth Lee Evans

Following Ms. Evans comments on Kilmaine, Co. Mayo Chief Landlords of the area by Evelyn Keane I requested that she supply the images she mentions.  Ms. Evans very kindly agreed to do so and they are included below.

Copy of original comments:

Rutherford Big House: There is a photo with Patrick Mooney holding the reins of a race horse at what appears to be the north side of the house at the corner of the front elevation facing west.

There also appears to be tall pillars along that north side and bay windows near the corner; basement windows and a portico in the center on the west side.

On a map the outline of the house appears to be square with a portico. An eye witness, who saw the house as a child, said that the hallway had animal heads displayed and that there were many windows.

The outline of the house is very faint but visible and I have hand-drawn what I could see, however, I am not an architect or artist.

The will of Margaret Rutherford mentions an oil painting of Emily Gowen Tozzi or Fozzi; a large ivory vestal virgin and chippendale dining chairs among other things that she bequeathed to her brothers and sisters and nieces; Elspeth Howie (Barron), Dorothy Howie aviatrix and Alison Howie(Bailward).

By Elizabeth Lee Evans (13/04/2012)

We are grateful to Ms Evans for her interest and support.



Photo:Map of house

Map of house

Supplied by Elizabeth Lee Evans

Photo:West elevation of house

West elevation of house

By Elizabeth Lee Evans

Photo:Sketch of north side details

Sketch of north side details

By Elizabeth Lee Evans

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Hi - is there any connection between the Rutherford’s of Kilmaine and the Rutherford’s of Kill and Elverstown Kildare .thinking of the earl of mayo Bourke connection between mayo and Kildare.Did the bourkes bring tenants from mayo ?

By John Rutherford
On 15/05/2022

Hello, I am from America doing my ancestry and my Evans family settled in Ballinrobe. I need to find out if they were related to the Evans family of " Dove Hall" just for ancestral sake.

I would appreciate if you could lead me in the correct direction.

By Barbara Evans
On 01/04/2014