Mr. Gary Ansbro

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Launches new facilities at the Historic Green

By Averil Staunton

Mr. Gary Ansbro - Secretary to the British-Irish Intergovernmental Secretariat in Belfast and previously Irish Ambassador to Norway, is interested in sporting activities. In July 2010 the first ever competitive Gaelic football match was played in Norway, with the Ambassador throwing in the first ball.

Mr. Ansbro, a native of Ballinrobe, launched the new facilities at the historic 'Green' on Sunday last, mentioning the benefit of the new facilities for all the residents of Ballinrobe both old and new. 

He also drew attention to the stunning backdrop mentioning that the "Partry mountains were the horizon on this western side of Europe with the Balkan mountain ranges, where he also served Ireland as Ambassador, being the eastern horizon of Europe". 

Mr. Ansbro also took  a short trip down memory lane, reminding many of those who attended of their and his activities and antics as children growing up in Ballinrobe. He painted a wonderful picture of the wonderful freedom they had to use their imagination, while playing many games around the towns' historic sites.

His comments were much appreciated by all who attended.

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Met Gary In Chicago in the 1980's. His brother Noel taught me at the CBS school in the 70's. His Father used to hand out the only useful basketball to us to play at the old railway station. What great memories.

On 01/05/2017

Any photos of 'the event' and or 'the new facilities' at The Green? Have forgotten WHERE The Green is, after all the years being away!

Reply: Hi Gerry,

The Green is the 13 acres between the old Infantry and Cavalry Barracks ruins with the entrance near the Mound.  Football has been played there for the past 40 years since the land was bought for the people of Ballinrobe in 1944.

You can see many photos of the day, kindly taken by our Crosscong Mayo contact, on our Facebook page Ballinrobe Chronicle – just click the button on our home page of this website.

You can also read about it on our Everytrail guide at  

By gerry walsh
On 11/09/2013