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By Averil Staunton

No, you are not imagining things!

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Photo:From Bible to Book! 1895 and 2005

From Bible to Book! 1895 and 2005

Photo:2 guys hanging out over a hundred years apart!   2010 and 1899

2 guys hanging out over a hundred years apart! 2010 and 1899

Photo:Bridge Street 2011 and 1895

Bridge Street 2011 and 1895

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My grandmother was a McTigue. Her tombstone said she was from County Mayo, parish Kilmaine. She was born in the late 1820s. Does anyone have information about the McTigues?

By Mary Conkle
On 02/03/2023

My father was from Liskillen, and his grandparents were from Ballinrobe, they were the Malloys, and my father was a McHale. Still working on the ancestry of my family. My father was called Michael McHale (18/09/1923-04/02/2002)and his parents were Luke McHale and Elizabeth McHale (Molloy). The Molloy’s lived opposite the garage on Cornmarket, and owned the garage. If anyone has any information, it will be great to hear from you. Michelle Fox, UK

By Michelle Fox
On 02/03/2023

So interesting 

By Lorraine
On 18/04/2020

My grandmother was from the town of Ballinrobe. She came to the USA around 1900. Her father left Ballinrobe dressed as a old woman.  He was wanted by the English and had a bounty on his head.  He made wine for the Catholic Church which was illegal at that time.  His name was Michael Welsh. He came to this country in the 1890’s.  My grandmother told me she would swim to an island near her home and collect eggs for her mother to cook with.  

Editor: What a great story and we would love to hear more about these brave people!

By Judy Gries
On 03/08/2018

Remember our Mother getting us all an ice cream in McTigues after Sunday Mass.


By Cyril Walsh
On 10/11/2016

Love Ballinrobe and love your site - it is such an interesting town.

By Anne Varley
On 25/06/2013