Our Women of Ballinrobe & Hinterland- 2nd phase now open

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Closing shortly - only a few spaces left

By Averil Staunton

As part of our ongoing strategy to promote Ballinrobe and its Hinterland’s heritage to the local community and a world-wide audience The Ballinrobe Historical Society are assembling the second phase of the project titled Our Women of Ballinrobe & Hinterland.

Would you like to pay a tribute?

Would you like to pay a tribute to a woman or commemorate someone who you feel was an inspiration to you while at home or contributed to their society here in Ballinrobe? They were/are women of everyday life, who’s quiet, vital contribution may not have been acknowledged publically; they could be with us or have passed away, be young or old.

Who is Eligible? 

They may have been/are at school, in the workplace or from the community; a mother, widow, sister, aunt, cousin, neighbour, some who worked on small farms, in shops or were shopkeepers, teachers, nurses, volunteers, committee members, minders, sporting personalities, lawyers, historical figures or, while being from the area may have worked abroad. They may simply have attended school in Ballinrobe or members of their families may have done so.

Where will they be displayed?

We will be delighted to present these stories of women’s lives submitted by members of the community, which will be on display on individual boards at the Ballinrobe Library plus at our website: www.historicalballinrobe.com/category/our_irish_women and also on The Irish Community Archive Network of the National Museum of Ireland (iCan). There is no limit to the number of words on the website.

Design layout of Exhibition Boards

Each exhibition board will be individually designed, with a chosen strap-line across the centre plus two blocks of text of approximately 100 words each. There will also be 2 photos if possible. The name of the woman will be across the top with a street name or townland.

If you would simply like to suggest somebody just let us know, or if you have any queries, or suggestions and ideas please contact Averil at ballinrobewomen@gmail.com and before you even ask, yes, we will be promoting men when the women’s project ends.

Hope you can pay a tribute!

Hope you will join us on this project; there are only a few spaces left; gather your ideas, put pen to paper pay a tribute to some woman!

“Capture it before it Disappears Forever”

More info at: www.historicalballinrobe.com






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