34 Nikita Maughan, Ballinrobe

Photo:Nikita Maughan, Ballinrobe

Nikita Maughan, Ballinrobe

Maple Youth Centre

Photo:Members of the Ballinrobe Traveller Girls Group at the Maple Youth Centre

Members of the Ballinrobe Traveller Girls Group at the Maple Youth Centre

Maple Youth Centre

Nikita won the youth category at the National Traveller Pride Awards in Dublin in May 2019

By Maple Youth Centre, Ballinrobe

Nikita Maughan aged 16 years from Ballinrobe, has made a positive contribution to her community, when she set up a Travellers girls’ group in her hometown.

First Travellers’ Girls Group

This is the first Traveller girls group in Ballinrobe. Nikita encourages the girls to believe in themselves and is a great role model, as she provides peer support to the group. Nikita organised different activities such as cookery, hair and beauty, personal and social development activities and outings for the group. She is dedicated to her role and attends the Maple Youth Centre every Wednesday.

Ensures a safe social place


 Nikita encourages participation among Traveller girls and at all times Nikita puts the groups’ needs ahead of her own and is willing to adapt to various needs within the group. Nikita is enthusiastic and goes above and beyond to ensure that the group is a safe social place for young Traveller girls.

A Needs-led Group

Nikita ensures that the direction of the group is needs-lead. This is crucial for the success of the group, as it empowers the young people, which in turn increases their self-esteem and confidence. Nikita recognises diversity and promotes equality within the group. The group has benefited the Traveller Community and has an impact on building the girls confidence and self-esteem.

Traveller Girls Inclusion

As a role model, Nikita increases the knowledge and awareness of young Traveller girl’s needs and is progressing Traveller Inclusion in Youth Work. She goes above and beyond to encourage Traveller participation. 


In February 2019 Nikita won the Claremorris District award at the Mayo Garda Youth Awards.

Later in 2019 Nikita stated after receiving her award for the youth category at the National Traveller Pride Awards in Dublin it’s a very proud moment to be chosen among others for this award. I’m glad all my hard work has been recognised by the Traveller Pride Award. It’s an honour and a great achievement for me.    

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