St Keiran by Harry Clarke,

By Sophie, Samanta and Laura Group 1, 6th class St. Joseph's PS, Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo

Saint Keiran’s Story

Saint Keiran, who was created a bishop while very young, travelled widely in Europe where he had been ordained.

The crown at his feet indicates his rejection of his royal status.  In this window we can see that he has a love and passion for animals and it shows as well that he appears to be in a shed / cell type place.  In his shed / cell he would pray to Jesus/ The Lord with his deer and doe standing by his side.   Instead of using the words: Jesus and Lord we can say he prayed before a brightly lit skull and crucifix in his cell.

St. Keiran quickly discovered that prying Monks were watching him the whole time.  We don’t know exactly what happened then but i can tell you some more information about St. Keiran: on the leaflet we were looking at, it states that St. Keiran was very much like St. Francis with his love of animals.  We hope you know some facts and information about St. Keiran now, and have learned lot.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day,

By: Sophie, Samanta and Laura

Photo:Drawing of Harry Clarke's St Kieran

Drawing of Harry Clarke's St Kieran

Sophie, Samanta and Laura

Photo:Drawing of St. Keiran's symbol

Drawing of St. Keiran's symbol

Sophie, Samantha & Laura

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