Tracing my mother's roots

The Walsh Family

By Donna O'Shea

I am doing research on my mother’s family who was from thearea.  Her father’s name was John Walsh(attached photo).There were four daughters Mary Walsh, Bridget Walsh, Sarah Walshand Kate Walsh.  Mary and my mother, Sarah, immigrated to the United Statesand Bridget(aka Bridie) and Kate immigrated to England. I am going to be in Ireland next week with a tour group fromchurch and will be staying in Galway for a couple of nights.I would love to visit Ballenrobe and visit the area where mymother told me about years ago. Is there any information youcould provide that would confirm that I have the correct SarahWalsh or could you refer me to any other resource? My aunt Mary’s birth records shows her birth year was 1909(whichI know is correct) and the Registration District as Oughterard, County Gallway. My mother, Sarah, birth records shows her correct birthyear as 1910 and  the Registration District as Ballenrobe. Not sure where the family resided. My mother talked about both County Galway and County Mayo. My mother was also related(I believe) to a family whose last name was Casey(Delia & Martin).   Thank you, Donna M. O’Shea

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