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My grandmother Katie Burke and her family (Father and mother, Martin and Margaret Burke) moved to the cottages on Lough Mask Rd around 1910. I wish they were alive today because I am sure she knew all these families.

I know "Baby" Cusack (there was also a Tom Cusack) was her friend who lived in the cottages into the 1980s along with other family members.

My grandmother Katie was one of 11 children. Her parents, Martin and Margaret Burke lived into the 1940s and 1950s and lived in the cottages until their passing. Katie immigrated to US in 1921, later with Nellie and Thomas.

Their baby sister Chrissie married a Moffat in Ballinrobe and sadly passed from TB in the 1940s in her 30s, along with a brother Martin and sister Anne.

By Steve Miller
On 10/06/2023

I'm not sure quite how I might relate to the Ballinrobe Walshes, but I know that my great great great great grandfather Myles Walsh (1806-1856), and his son Michael Martin Walsh (1843-1883), have a gravestone in Ballinrobe that my family has a photo of. Included on the gravestone is  Myles Daughter and Michael's sister Marion Walsh. 

Interested if anyone knows more. 

Ian Walsh, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, U.S.

Editor: Can anybody assist this supporter please?

By Ian Walsh
On 20/10/2021

Dear Bob, as the one who put this Walsh/Feeney info on the site, I too am looking forward to what you might find on your 'expedition' to Ballinrobe! As you will have read, I am most interested to see if there is a photo of mum, in existence - Sarah Walsh(nee Feeney). All the best with your search! Gerry

By Gerry Walsh
On 18/09/2014

Well what a surprise, I am just about to embark on a trip to Ireland, my first since I visited with my mother Nora Patricia Fenton nee Feeney daughter of Bridget and Jim.

One of my missions is to retake photos taken c. 1945. I will try to work out a way of getting them to you because I am sure they will add some interest for viewers.

REPLY: Thank you Bob and have a wonderful trip! 

By Bob Fenton
On 11/08/2014