Corcorans in Ballinrobe Roman Catholic Parish Records, County Mayo, Ireland

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Microfilm number 1279209 that includes items 8-10 on Ballinrobe Catholic Parish has been completed by a member of the public seeking their ancestors from Ballinrobe. 

Ballinrobe Catholic Parish

Ballinrobe Roman Catholic Parish covers Ballinrobe Civil Parish and is part of Kilmaine Barony. These records began in 1850 and concluded in 1903. There are some marriage records to a later date of 1911.

They write that there are Concannons, Collerans and Corcorans in this film and the records are difficult to distinguish at times. In the top section of this document you will find notations on all of the records witnessed by Corcorans that were not included in the table below, and any other unusual data that may be of interest.

Table below of findings

  • Regarding the Baptism of Margaret Catherine Connor; Mary Brennan was one of the sponsors for this baptism in 1876. I am tracing my Brennan/Corcoran connection and this is one of the few families I have seen with both names in the same record, in County Mayo so far. Margaret's parents married 9/10/1874, and Martin and Mary Brennan witnessed their wedding
  • There was a baptismal record dated July 25, 1877? for a Cath of Pat Hogan and Mary Common, Connor or Corcoran. I couldn't read it well even when magnified. I do not believe it is a Corcoran, but I am included a note on it just in case.
  • Regarding Corcoran/Malley family; I couldn't find a listing for a Townland named Parkgariff in Ballinrobe Civil Parish or in County Mayo. There was one listed in County Cork and County Waterford.
  • Regarding the Baptism of Mary Corcoran on 4/15/1852; it appears that her mother is mentioned in the next entry that reads "Churching Mrs. Corcoran."
  • Peter Corcoran sponsored the baptism of Peter Glynn, son of John Glynn and Elenor Parling? on February 5, 1862; unfortunately, no Townland was given.
  • Edward Corcoran sponsored the baptism of Patrick Anthony Rush, son of Richard and Bridget Rush on February 21, 1862, (No Townland was given).
  • Mary Jane Corcoran sponsored the baptism of Ed Joseph Ryan, son of Thos Ryan and Anne D.o? (Ditto- Ryan?) on September 2, 1869 in Park. I couldn't find this Town or Townland listed among the documented Townlands in Ballinrobe.
  • Anne Corcoran is the sponsor for the baptism of James, son of John Fleming and Bridget Feerick on Feb 16, 1870 in the Townland of Roscorough (I believe this is likely Rocksborough North or South.)
  • Regarding Corcoran/ Flynn Family: The record was difficult to interpret. It appears that they had two children (twins) Mary and Alice as one sponsor appears to be for Mary and two others. The other possibility is that her name is Mary Alice with three sponsors.
  • Regarding Mark and Cate Corcoran Family: There are 4 sponsors listed in the Baptismal record for Biddy. I didn't see a second child listed (twins), unless it was the Jno listed after Biddy's name in the sponsor list.
  • Regarding McCormick/Corkoran Marriage in 1853; this is an extremely difficult record to read.  I think the bride's name is Corkoran but I can't be sure.
  • Tom Corcoran was a witness at the marriage of Patk Monahan and Anne Henchgen(?) in May, 1852 (No Townland given).
  • Catherine Corcoran was a witness at the marriage of Walter Walsh and (?) Leeson or Liese(?) on Mar 7, 1856 (No Townland given)
  • Mark Corcoran was a witness at the marriage of John Fahy and Bridget Malley on November 22, 1861 (No Townland given).
  • J. Corcoran was a witness at the marriage of Peter Rea? and Mary Burke, February 3, 1872 and Pat Corcoran witnessed the marriage of Michl Corninan? and Winifred Flannery on February 20 of the same year.
  • Michael Corcoran witnessed the marriage of Michael Colleran to Mary Nevin on February 13, 1879 (No Townland given.)
  • John Corcoran witnessed the marriage of Anthony Feerick and Bridget Farrell on June 24, 1880 (No Townland given).
  • There is a baptismal record that lists a Mark Corcoran sponsoring the baptism of Luke Walsh, son of John Walsh and Bridget Malley on August 2, 1895 in the Townland of Knocklahard (in Ballinrobe).  I think this is likely the same Mark Corcoran as listed above, but Knocklahard is northeast of the Townland of Kilkeeran and separated by 3 other Townlands.

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