Ballinrobe Holy Communion 1949/50

Names added to photo kindly donated by Kevin McDarby by Hugh McTigue

Can you help finish the list?

Hugh McTigue has added the following names to Kevin McDarby’s  photo:

Bottom Row left:  1st Harry Caulfield, 2nd ? Hennelly, 3rd  Kieran O’ Carroll, Bridge St., 4th Mickey Joyce, 5th John Jennings (pub Bridge St),7th Patsy Gibbons (Butcher Tuam),8th Michael John Hynes, New Street, 9th Michael Ryder (I think), 10th Not Known

2nd row from left: 1st Leo Kelly (I think),

2nd ? Reddington (Friars Quarter), 3rd Billy Sice, Abbey St, 5th ? Flannery (Bow Gate St), 6th ? Grimes, 7th Mattie Flannery (Brother of 5th in this row), 9th ? Burke, 10th John Moran (Friars Quarter)

3rd row from left: 3rd ? Reilly. 6th Maureen Mulqueen, 9th Michael Crosby, 10th Behind Michael Crosby is Dan Higgins

Back row from left:

4th Rosaleen McTigue (my sister), 6th ? O'Connor (pub Glebe St), 10th ? Hughes Abbey St.

We are very grateful to Hugh; can you add more names please?

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Ballinrobe Holy Communion 1949/50' page
This page was added by Averil Staunton on 16/10/2011.
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By margaret power
On 21/07/2015

Hi Averil, I'm pretty sure that my aunt, Delma Gallagher (R.I.P.), formerly of Cornaroya, New York, and many exotic locations around the globe as a U.N. employee, is at 2nd from the right in the back row. 

My grandmother had a copy of this photo - or one very similar. The fact that John Moran is in it pretty much confirms it for me as they were in the same class. 

By the way, loving the site: I've just spent the last two hours reading some of the articles and they re-awakened my nostalgia for that 'foreign country' where they did things very differently, and though much of it was cruel, greedy, and unjust, in the case of Ballinrobe we were left a rich architectural and scenic heritage - thus making it a fantastic place to grow up, especially in the '60's and '70's when we had the freedom to roam that children nowadays don't seem to have. 

So thanks again Averil, for further enriching my memories :- 


Breege Burke, Galway.

Reply: Delighted to hear from you and so glad you are enjoying some of the article on the site. Thank you for the information on the photo; its a great help which others will, no doubt, find interesting too.

All the best from the West and Ballinrobe. Averil

By Breege Burke
On 23/09/2013

Hi Averil, 

How you keeping? I have sent the 1949/50 First Communion photo to Mr. Michael. He might shed some light on the missing names. Keep up the great work 

Regards, Kevin

By Kevin Flood
On 15/08/2013

4th row, Rosaleen McTigue, I'm trying to reconnect with her. Does she have a different last name now?

By Mary Miranda
On 27/01/2013

The 6th in back row is Mary O'Connor now Mary Clarke.

By Colm Clarke
On 15/05/2012