Search for Thomas Walsh (1877-1922?) of Cloongowla, Ballinrobe

Battle of Tourmakeady information please

By Julianne Gavin

I am searching for military information regarding my great grandfather, Thomas Walsh (1877-1922?) of Cloongowla, Ballinrobe.

Our family believes he took part in the Battle of Tourmakeady and that he held rank in the Irish forces equivalent to that of a Colonel.  It is said that the British put a price on his head and as a result he hid "in the woods" for two years, contracted pneumonia, and died shortly after peace was declared.

Daughters’ actions

In addition, one or more of his daughters, Kate, Mamie and Annie, were dispatchers for the rebels and were brought to Dublin to receive medals for their actions and later received pensions.

Cloongowla area

Does a listing exist of those from the Cloongowla/Ballinrobe area who took active part in the War of Independence? Does anyone have any suggestions of where I should look for documentation of these actions? Thank you in advance for any advice you may offer.

Julianne Gavin

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Hi Josephine and Julianne (and again Kathleen!),

I saw some discussion regarding this family on the message boards at and have been communicating with Kathleen recently as well, so I thought I would try to reach you from here.

I am curious if you have any information on your Hennelly family connection (Thomas Walsh and Bridget Hennelly). My gr.grandmother was Catherine Hennelly (1854-1931) from Cloongowla. Her parents were Thomas Hennelly and Marie/Maria Barrett. Catherine married Thomas Bartley of Brownstown and raised their family in Brownstown. My mother (their grand daughter) was born and raised on the family farm and my aunt still lives there currently. She said she knows the location of the house where these Hennelly's lived so that might be helpful information to narrow things down. I know that Catherine had a brother named Denis Hennelly who went to Philadelphia around 1880 or so and two of Thos. and Catherine Bartley's sons are buried in his family plot in Philadelphia.

Any information or thoughts on this possible connection would be appreciated.

Thanks and regards, Brian McKeon

By Brian McKeon
On 15/06/2013

Hi Josephine and Julianne..

I just sent both of you emails. Yes, Anna Walsh is my grandmother. I have my info on the email -  info on my Grandmother and sibs..

my direct email is

Looking Forward!

By Kathleen Kane
On 13/06/2013

Hi Julianne and Josephine, I just checked the site. I will email both of you - Thank you!

By Kathleen Kane
On 13/06/2013

Kathleen, was your Grandmother Ann Walsh? Are you living in Ireland or in Chicago? My husband is Jack Walsh, Grandson of Thomas. We would love to touch base with you. Our telephone # is 845-358-4368. E-mail address is

By Josephine Walsh
On 10/06/2013

Can you tell us your Grandmother's name and your maiden name? It would be so great to find some more of the family!

By Josephine Walsh
On 06/06/2013

Hello, Kathleen. How nice to hear from you. You are a connection I hadn't previously found and I would love to hear more about your grandmother (Tom's sister).

My email is

By Julianne Gavin
On 06/06/2013

I'd be glad to search. Thomas would be my grandmother's brother.

Thank you for the information.

By Kathleen Kane
On 23/04/2013