Dean James Ronayne - served in St. Mary's Church RC, Ballinrobe

Maynooth records destroyed in 1940?

Maryann Tarpey, Germany

Dean James Ronayne was related to my Great Grandfather Richard Ronayne, Treenrevagh, Claremorris, Co. Mayo. My Great, Great Grandfather was Terence Ronayne of Knox Street, Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo.

I, Maryan Tarpey spent all my holidays at Treenrevagh and recall hearing about Dean Ronayne's activities and seeing the Medical Textbooks of another Ronayne relative, who was a Surgeon in the Army.

I am interested in establishing the exact relationship of Richard or Terence Ronayne to Dean Ronayne and to establishing where exactly Dean Ronayne hailed from and who else belonged to his immediate family.

Unfortunately, the records at Maynooth were destroyed in a fire there in 1940 and the President's Office could only confirm that Dean Ronayne commenced studies on 29 August, 1864 and was ordained in 1869-1870. That would imply that he was a mature student - approx. 33 years old. What he had been doing up to that point is unknown to me. Some of what he did following his appointment to Ballinrobe can be gleaned from reliable sources.

I would really appreciate your placing my query on the Noticeboard as I also would enjoy hearing about any details relating to Dean Ronayne's family-background and how he applied himself in Ballinrobe.

I should mention that Richard Ronayne’s Grandsons were Richard Austen Tarpey, Chief-Inspector, Irish Land Commission Dublin and John Patrick Tarpey, Criminologist, Crime Unit, Galway.

Thank you,

Maryann Tarpey, Germany

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