St. Fursey - Harry Clarke Stained Glass Window

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St. Mary's Church Ballinrobe, County Mayo

By Averil Staunton

St. Fursey

St. Fursey in this first panel on the left facing the altar, was a seventh century noted for his piety, his ecstatic visions and his great healing ability who had studied at Inchiquin Island on Lough Corrib, not far from Ballinrobe.

He wears a bronze chasuble over crimson and ivory vestments and holds a tiered plinth with three blue crosses.  

His symbol overhead is a golden bell. This represents the story of St Fursey, having prayed for a bell as he had none for his new church; his prayers were answered and an angel presented one to him.

The predella: The Miracle of the Angel and Bell and the Restoring to life of a boy depicts Saint Fursey, while travelling through the north of France, raising the Duke of Hayson’s son from the dead. The flame of a candle is wafting away from the shrouded body indicating the soul had already departed.

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