St. Keiran, Harry Clarke stained-glass

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St. Mary's Church Ballinrobe, County Mayo

By Averil Staunton

St. Keiran

Saint Keiran, who was created a bishop while quite young, travelled widely in Europe where he had been ordained. 

In this panel he is depicted as a very young bishop holding a book representing his writings. He was traditionally known as a very gentle and kind man. At his feet one will notice a golden crown, which represents his previously royal status, which he rejected for a life dedicated to Christianity. 

He is depicted wearing a cream cope trimmed with scarlet over green and ivory vestments and holds a silver Celtic style crosier.

His overhead symbol is a book and crozier representing his Bishopric and his preaching.

The Predella: Harry Clarke titles this predella “St. Keiran discovered by prying monks whilst he lives in the wood”. It shows St Keiran praying before a brightly lit scull and crucifix in his cell, made of clay and wattle with a thatched roof. Figures look on at both sides and a deer and doe stand quite close to him indicating his affinity, like St. Francis, with animals.

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