Another of Ballinrobe's American soldiers.

Photo:Eugene Gallagher

Eugene Gallagher

By Bernard Joyce

From Cornaroya to Korea

By Bernard Joyce

Eugene Gallagher

In 1950 Eugene Gallagher emigrated from Ballinrobe   and settled in New York City. Two years later he was drafted into the American Army and sent to Augusta, Georgia where he completed his training in the Signal Corps.

Deployed to Korea

In 1953 his regiment were deployed to serve in Korea as the war in that region was just coming to an 'end'. Eugene spent seventeen months there and returned safely to the U S.

Long Island Lighting Company

After being demobbed he worked for the Long Island Lighting company. 

Return to Ballinrobe

In the mid 1960's Eugene returned to Ballinrobe.  He later married Ann Tierney and they raised 5 children. They are now the proud grandparents of six grandchildren. Eugene attends Korean veterans’ reunions in the U S regularly.


[North and South Korea are technically still at war as no peace treaty was ever signed, the US have 28,000 military personnel stationed there today].

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